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The 2022 Cybersecurity Merit Awards is organized to recognizing and reward outstanding
individuals, teams, organisations, Institutions and states that demonstrate excellence,
innovation and leadership within the cybersecurity industry. This national awards is facilitated
by Cyber security Expert Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), tapping into the vast experience of
cybersecurity professionals around the world to honor achievements and generate an
industry-wide recognition in every facet of information security development and awareness
in Nigeria.
The Cybersecurity Merit award team hopes to review the industry in search of best possible
nominees, hence we encourage all those who are committed to the growth of the of the
industry and safer cyberspace, to complete the form. Once the nomination period is
completed, the profile of the nominees will be reviewed and winners will be unanimously
selected by our panel of judges; who are individuals with vast experience and are well
respected in the industry. The finalist and winners will be announced during the award
ceremony on 21st October, 2022 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.


1. Rising Star of the year
2. Cyber Startup of the year
3. Ministries, Departments and Agency (MDA) -Public Sector of the year
4. Organisation (Private Sector) of the year
5. State Government of the year
6. Financial Institution of the year
7. Media House of the year
8. Tertiary Institution of the year
9. Cyber Security woman of the year
10. Outstanding Individual of the year


This will be opened from 20th July 2022 to 4th September, 2022, thereafter the nominees will
be reviewed to ensure credibility and transparency

Rising Star of the year: A young cybersecurity prospect with less than 2 years industry
experience that has contributed exceptionally to the cybersecurity community. Nominations
in this category will be scored based on Achievement, Proactiveness, Contribution to the
Industry and Dedication

Cyber Startup of the year: A cybersecurity company with about 2 years industry involvement
that has contributed exceptionally to the cybersecurity industry via innovative products
and/or services.

MDA (Public Sector) of the year: The most collaborative in the cybersecurity industry and the
level of cybsecurity awareness

Organisation (Private Sector) of the year: Organisation that supports industry initiatives and
projects, implements cybersecurity best practices, and engages in regular cybersecurity
awareness sessions for its employees.

University of the year: The most contributions to the cybersecurity industry via the
university’s activities (such as cybersecurity awareness campaigns, collaborations, sponsored
events and article publications amongst others) as well as quality and impact of its graduates.

State Government of the year: The most collaborative and innovative in the cybersecurity
industry as well as level of state-wide cybsecurity awareness.

Financial Institution of the year: Least amount of fraud related complaints online,
cybersecurity events/programmes supported, cybersecurity awareness campaigns for
employees and customers.

Media House of the year: Number of public awareness engagements hosted, frequency of
cyber related content posts

Cybersecurity Woman of the year: A female Cybersecurity professional that has outstanding
contributions to the cyber industry through her achievements and continually enforcing
diversity and awareness within the cybersecurity industry. In addition, she has fostered a wide
reach on cybersecurity events and cyber security initiatives directly or indirectly.

Outstanding Individual of the year: The Cyber Personality of the Year award is for the person
who has earned the reputation as an industry-recognised thought-leader, committed to
raising the profile of cybersecurity while helping others to develop. A Cybersecurity
professional that boasts a wide reach on cybersecurity events, and involved in a number of
initiatives by organising, sponsoring, partnering, or supporting.

Award winners and finalists will be selected primarily based on the strength of their
nomination and the quality of their cyber security contributions accessible online. Please
make sure to provide sufficient data to support your nomination in the selected category


Please click on the link below to start the nomination process. The nomination process should take 15minutes of your time if you have all your information and links to your nominee’s


Please click on the link below to start the nomination process. The nomination process should
take 15minutes of your time if you have all your information and links to your nominee’s profile available.

Note: You must complete your nomination once you begin as you will not be able to safe and
return in a later time. Also, your email address and social media handle is required to
complete the nomination process to mitigate multiple nominations.